How To: Throw the best baby shower EVER

Whether you’re hosting your own baby shower or planning a soirée for your sister or best friend, today we’re sharing the ultimate how-to guide for throwing a memorable and fun event! If there was ever a reason to celebrate, having a party to usher in the birth of a little miracle – not to mention pamper the expecting mother – is certainly a good reason to go all out! So put on your party hat and let’s start planning, shall we?

Step 1: The guest list
First things first, you’ll need to decide who’s attending the shindig. If you’re planning the shower for a loved one, sit down with her to determine who she’d like to invite. Make it as easy as possible for her by writing down a list of names and offering to use her address or contacts book to handle all of the invitations so she doesn’t have to worry about it. This part can be stressful and she will surely appreciate you handling the invite list. If you’re hosting your own party, enlist a friend or family member to help with this part, or, make it easy on yourself and utilize social media to invite guests. Create a Facebook group or event to easily share details and keep party goers in the loop without having to worry about postage.

Invite idea

Step 2: The theme + the venue
What’s the goal of the shower? Is it to reveal the gender to loved ones, “shower” the mom-to-be in gifts, pamper the expecting momma, share gifts, simply spend time together, or, all of the above? Get to the root reason for celebration and that will help you choose a theme and venue. For example, if you’re hoping to just spend time together, why not make it easier on your pocket book and host the party at home? If you want to pamper the guest of honor, have a girls spa day! Likewise, if you’re looking to give gifts in a pretty and intimate setting, consider booking a private room or patio at a restaurant.

Baby Shower Idea

Brunch idea

Step 3: Gifts
Encourage guests to bring gifts the expecting mother and new baby will really need and use. Of course, you can always create a gift registry at Target, Pottery Barn Kids or Toys-R-Us. Another way to let guest know what’s needed is to create a theme around the gift such as a “Donuts & Diapers” brunch theme or “Picnic & Pretty Little Girl Clothes”. Finally, you can always simply include a list of gift ideas in the invitation or having a jar at the party labeled “Diaper Fund” where guest can drop in cash. If you’re attending a baby shower, we love the idea of giving a growth chart (like below!), a Zeta Zebra teething toy, Rainbow Charm teething ring or Zeta Zebra pacifier clip!


Step 4: Food
You know what they say, a party without cake is just a meeting. We love the idea of having a gender reveal cake at a baby shower or a gender themed dessert! If you’re hosting your own party, consider taking all of the stress out of party planning by asking guests to each bring a dish to share.

Sprinkle cake


Step 5: Games + activities
Everyone loves a good baby shower game! Browse Pinterest for all kinds of unique games your guests will enjoy. One fun activity we love? Have a form everyone can fill out with advice for the mom-to-be! We also love this. Each guest leaves a thumbprint on this painting to be used as nursery art. What a fun keepsake?!


Nursery Art

Follow these steps and you’re sure to having a wonderful celebration. Any tips or ideas we missed? Share them in a comment below!

xoxo, New Little Wonders

How To: Throw the best baby shower EVER

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