Singing your way to beautiful baby photos

Hi friends! It’s hard to believe it’s already May, isn’t it? It’s such a relief to finally have the cold days behind us, and summer vacations just around the corner!

This past weekend my little family and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the day hiking, canoeing and enjoying pretty wildflowers at our local state park. We finished the afternoon in the best way possible – by munching on fresh strawberries and pistachios on our picnic blanket. It was truly blissful.

I had a smile from ear to ear all day until – the car ride on the way back when I started scrolling through the photos I took during our adventure. Dozens of pictures and I didn’t get one good photo of my little one! While one picture might be too dark, another one captured the exact moment she sneezed. They were just awful. This of course didn’t ruin my day by any means, but it sure would be nice to have some beautiful photographs to remember this great day in a year from now – or ten years.

I looked through my Instagram feed and thought to myself – how in the world do these mothers get such amazing photos of their babies? I mean taking a nice photo of an adult is pretty straightforward – adults will smile and pose for you – but children? What is the secret?

So I went straight to the source and started asking the expert Instagrammers I admire. And guess what? They DO have some secrets. I’ve complied a few of their tips below, as well as some of their gorgeous photos so you can see that they really know their stuff!

photo 3

“I think waiting for a perfect smiling shot is important. Capture your child in the moment. We also sing songs to Avalon that have finger actions to match which helps to distract her or get her attention.”

photo 4

“I always have my kids sing. But it really depends on the child, for my kids singing makes them so naturally happy and the pictures are real as opposed to posed!”

photo 5

“Natural lighting is always best!!! Always make sure you’re not taking the photo against the light; always have the light facing the person or object, not behind. Also, a blank white background, (white wall, rug, sheet) is best to shoot against because it’s easier for editing purposes!”

photo 2

“I always take photos straight away when Oakley wakes up from a nap so I know his mood is good. If I don’t get a good photo within a few minutes I stop trying as he gets bored and fidgety very easily. I always make it fun, I hide behind things as he loves peek-a-book, or I sing nursery rhymes and do the actions or have colorful toys that I wake above the camera. He loves having his photo taken now because he associates it with playing fames and having fun. As soon as he sees a camera he smiles.”

photo 1

“The only way I get a really good shot of my kidos is to take a ton of photos with a quality camera! I shot my daughter for 15 minutes on Saturday to get one good smile – shot with a Nikon.”

Do you have some advice we missed? Please, leave it in a comment below! Our little ones are only this little for a short while. Let’s take the most wonderful photos we can so we can look back of these precious days for years to come.

New Little Wonders

Singing your way to beautiful baby photos

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