Summer baby birthday ideas

Okay maybe I’m bias as a summer baby myself – but summer birthdays are the best. It’s your chance to celebrate outside and take advantage of the warm weather during the party! That’s why I love planning birthday parties for little ones this time of year. The possibilities are truly endless. So if your tot is having a birthday in the coming weeks, consider some of these ideas and tips when throwing their special bash.

The pool party

Of course, a classic. However, if your little one is too young to swim on his own, you’ll probably need to make a few modifications on this party theme. Instead of going to the local swim club, why not get a few kiddie pools and have a backyard celebration? Be sure to only fill the pool with a few inches of water and keep a close eye on all tiny partygoers. Pull out the sprinkler, get some soft splash balls and watch the little ones have an absolute blast in their watery wonderland. It’s the perfect way to get the pool party atmosphere while keeping it safe for your babe.


 The camping party

Whether you’re celebrating a 1st birthday or a 4th birthday, any little one will love a camping themed shindig. For younger ones, build a blanket tent on the screened in porch or in the yard. Set up games like “fishing” for treats or pinning the tail on the woodlands teddy bear. Older children may love a party at a local campground. Single camp spaces rent per a day for fairly cheap and can be an excellent spot to host a picnic birthday lunch. Hike around the park and see how many animals or flowers you can help the kids spot!


The scavenger hunt party

Little ones are naturally curious, so put that to use in this fun outdoor birthday party idea! The cool thing about a scavenger hunt is that you can make it work for any age and with any theme. Babies will have a blast searching for stuffed animals, little toys or snacks strategically hidden around your home. On the other hand, toddlers and up might love a scavenger hunt at the zoo where they discover the next animal with a clue placed at each exhibit. Consider working with the facility to make it extra special. For example, ask if the clues can be hidden inside personalized balloons scattered around the park!


The firefighter party

This one is a big hit among the little ones I know! Ask your local fire department if they’re available for a visit! Kids love having the chance to climb up into an actual fire truck and meet a firefighter. Some stations may allow you to have cake and ice cream there, or you can head back to the house for an outdoor pizza party after your visit! It’s a great way to show your little birthday guy a good time and teach him about all that firefighters do for the community!


The outdoor movie party

Last but not least, an outdoor movie would be an excellent way to entertain your baby for her birthday and ensure a fun time for all! Large, inflatable movie screens are fairly inexpensive to rent and you can put out picnic blankets and pillows on the grass for a cozy outdoor experience. Pop some popcorn and put on one of her favorites – like Frozen – for a birthday party she’ll never forget!


Do you have a baby birthday party idea we missed? Leave it in a comment below! We’d love to hear your ideas! xo, New Little Wonders

Summer baby birthday ideas

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