Little July 4th activities for little ones

Happy (almost) Independence Day! This is one of my family’s favorite holidays! Between the neighborhood cookouts and spectacular fireworks shows, who couldn’t love July 4th?

However, the holiday can be a bit tricky to celebrate when you have a little one in tow.After all, how can you explain what the importance of this occasion to a tiny tot? And then how do you manage to keep her happy and hydrated as you face the summer heat and crowds at the local parade? Well, fear not! New Little Wonders is here to help with all kinds of fun activities and little tips to ensure you beat some of these dilemmas and have the best Fourth of July ever with your little loved one!

1. Teach the meaning of the 4th
No matter the age of your little one, it doesn’t hurt to start explaining the true meaning of Independence Day at an early age! Consider telling the story of the Revolution like you would tell a bedtime story – it’s a tale of heroism, adventure and courage! Explain the symbolism of the stars and stripes tell your tot what makes America so special. You may be surprised to find that she understands more than you think and will remember some of these details for years to come!


2. Sing a patriotic tune
Babies and toddlers alike love to sing! Teach her some classic patriotic songs like Yankee Doodle or You’re a Grand Old Flag. Come up with a silly dance together and get the whole family involved! And don’t forget the camera! When a little one is singing that’s the best opportunity to get candid shots of real smiles!


3. Get creative
Let her creativity shine by doing a red, white and blue craft project! It can be as simple as getting some patriotic finger paint or making a macaroni American flag. We love browsing Pinterest for all kinds of craft ideas. There you’re sure to find something that will suit your baby’s age and your tolerance for messiness!


4. Make some red, white and blue treats
This is our favorite part! Every year our family makes sugar cookies and lets the kids decorate them with frosting and patriotic sprinkles. They have an absolute ball. You can also make a July 4th fruit salad with diced strawberries, mini marshmallows and blueberries. Yum!


5. Prep for the crowds
Finally, when the time comes to head out for fireworks show or July 4th parade, be prepared! Be sure to bring lots of water to keep your little one hydrated and plenty of food. It may also be a good idea to bring an activity to keep her occupied while waiting like a coloring book or bubbles.

Fourth of July 2011 baby and patriotic girl

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

New Little Wonders

Little July 4th activities for little ones

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